Killer Black Friday Money Maker Email Strategy

Planning, designing and sending out our Black Friday emails this year has been more fun than norm.  Partially because this year we decided to do something a little different and it’s lit the registers on fire – two days before Black Friday even hit!blackfriday4

We test camped this little strategy a couple of weeks ago at our customer appreciation party.  Permitting clients to pre-register for their choice of product/service ahead of time, created such a nice post-event sales opportunity.  Who doesn’t like getting white glove VIP service, right?  So our Black Friday effort this year was no different.  We wanted clients to feel like they could take advantage of our Black Friday offers from the convenience of their own couch. Waiter holding a tray with blank card for your text and announce

The best part is that it’s created an insane amount of pre-holiday sales for us.  Something to the tune of $20K in the first 24 hours!  Here’s how we did it:

STEP 1:  Create a landing page (ie. your Black Friday RSVP form) for you customer to fill in their contact information and select their choice of services.  This not only offers them a chance to feel like they get first dibs on your offers, it also reminds them of all the awesome things your business can do (planting seeds for later).

STEP 2:  Create your email blasts with all your offers, but most importantly, link up those images to your RSVP form, encouraging them to pre-register ahead of time.

STEP 3:  Send out 2-3 days before Black Friday and get ready for RSVPs to pour in!

STEP 4:  Bonus Offer – On Black Friday send out a Cyber Monday offer.  Give clients an opportunity to share 5 friends on your form, they’d like to receive a free $25-$50 gift certificate to your store.  What better than receiving an email with a free gift from a trusted friend?

Want to see the full E-Blast we did?  Click here!

Have fun and please share your results and stories below!

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My First IPL at Kalologie 360 Spa in Brentwood

Love it when when results make clients so happy! xo


My mom thought I was crazy when I called her on my way home with an ice pack on my burning chest wedged between my bra and sweater to cool off what felt like the worst sunburn ever. What I thought would be a burning sensation for days, only lasted an hour or so.

If you haven’t heard of IPL, it stands for intense pulse light and is sometimes called IPL Photofacial Rejuvenation. It is a cosmetic procedure that was introduced in the 1990’s. IPL is used to produce younger and healthier looking skin. Due to the short down time and what some think as little discomfort, IPL is used to get rid of red blemishes that originate from blood vessels and brown pigment blemishes in the form of freckles, age spots, and other sun damage. Other major benefits include the increase of collagen production, smooth and evenly pigmented…

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An Opportunity to Participate in a Little Hollywood Magic


Los Angeles has a history of movie stars, glitz and glam; however, there’s a new kind of leading scarlet that’s gracing the VIP scene by the power of her iPad.  She’s the Glampreneur of what’s now called “Silicon Beach”, a new frontier of tech start-up based in Los Angeles.

These girls are fearlessly building and monetizing their online stores, digital learning platforms, blogs and even social media smarts.  Some do it to the tune of $2M+ a year and those are exactly the girls this documentary is going to follow.

Patty Rappa, a local entrepreneur and digital business consultant is executive producing the behind the scenes of the “tech scarlet” story.  She follows their journey from their cafe, boutiques and blow out bar hang outs, to their co-shared work spaces.  She sits in on their think tank conversations, team meetings and even explores what it looks like for them to seek support from their families.

“These girls are not just launching their digital empires, they’re taking charge of the new tech landscape.  In that respect, I’m opening up the project to my social audience, inviting them to serve as the film’s co-producers.  My plan is to tweet, blog and share scene shots as we film, get feedback from my co-production audience all along the way.  Together we will have co-created the story from a true social media point of view.  In the end, I will feature these individuals in the credits and give each person props through my social channels as well.  It’s going to be great,” shares Rappa.

Want to be a GlampreneurGirl co-Producer? Register Below:

Go to the GlampreneurGirl Kickstarter Campaign

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Black Friday Groupon Marketing: How to Rock it This Year

Patty_Rappa_GG_CalendarSo you ran a Groupon or Living Social campaign and now you’re ready to gear up for some serious holiday marketing.  Nice!

The key to succeeding this holiday season is to stay visible with customers all throughout November.  This leads up to a killer Black Friday and sure to be followed by an awesome holiday spending extravaganza (if done right).  This means that even though the economy is slowly coming back, buying power will be up; however, consumers will still be looking for deals.

Some easy prep steps:

  • Start by picking three key products/services you want to promote this holiday season.
  • Blog about each product/service weekly (be sure to offer sign up or purchase options)
  • Email blast your database, linking back to the blog post
  • Pinterest post image linking back to your blog post
  • Facebook/Tweet same image linking back to your blog post

Rinse, repeat for three weeks prior to Black Friday.  Then week of Black Friday, it’s all about featuring the products/services you’ve been promoting all month long, at a SUPER AMAZING price.

Need more help?  Check out my freebie downloadable marketing calendar!

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How to Become an Instant Tech Entrepreneur

I live and work in what is called the new “Silicon Beach” area.  Like silicon valley, there is a culture of local techie entrepreneurs who get together to incubate ideas, share funding resources, etc.  Like these peers,  I’ve built and sold my own tech start-up in the past by JUST knowing how to team up with the right professional tech teams.  That was over 15 years ago.  Today, I’m offering the same opportunity to my friends and followers.

GlampreneurGroup today and launch your own tech entrepreneur empire!

If you’ve ever:

  • Dreamed of playing in the tech entrepreneurial space but didn’t know where to start
  • Felt like you knew how to talk to people and could sell, just didn’t know how to do all the “techie stuff”
  • Wanted to be part of super connected tech and entrepreneurial minded team that works in a huge city like Los Angeles
  • Loved the freedom of working from home (anywhere in the US) and not have to report to a 9-5  job
  • Wanted to be in charge of your own hours and income abundance

Then I have a great opportunity for you!  No start up funds, experience or education needed to work in this tech space.  We’re here to help you launch, grow and deliver on your own tech start-up too!

Learn more about our Affiliate Network

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Working and Playing In Beverly Hills Spells Success When There is True Purpose

Spent this AM reflecting and organizing my work week.  To some it may seem like another day in paradise, but to me it’s just another week of tasks, expectations and (hopefully) results.  As I wrote feverishly in my day planner (yes the paper kind), I felt the need to pause and pull out my journal (yes…still the paper kind).  Why?  Because every time I entered another meeting, another goal, another “have to” in my day planner, I asked myself “Why”?  Why do I do all of this, who am I serving and most important, why do I care? Image

The questions were answered with a single word:  Purpose.  As exciting it is to live and work in this amazing town, it’s even more exciting to share the challenges, the successes and the journey.  With that, I give you my audio decompress of this morning’s purpose filled meditation.

Enjoy 🙂

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Marketing on Groupon & Living Social: How to Make Your Offer Rock

Let’s face it, it’s a super duper Groupon-licous world out there…yes?  If you’re a small business owner anywhere in the US (probably on the planet), you’ve heard about the daily deal revolution.  Making daily deals pay handsomely…um well that’s a whole-nother-story.Patty_Rappa_GG_Groupon

Truth is if you’ve run a campaign (or two or five), you’re probably all too familiar with the “OMG I think we might be actually losing our butt with this one,” feeling.  Why?  Welp, it’s pretty simple.  They’re not designed to serve as an income source, but rather a kick-butt marketing vehicle.  Your job is to up-sell all these new peeps like a ninja.

Today I kicked of the first of a four part series that walks small business owners through the steps of becoming a sales ninja.  I offer the training via my online learning center, but even cooler, I hosted a free post-training live radio segment afterwards.  Lemme tell ya, it was super fun chatting it up with fellow merchants who are in the same “need to make some money” boat!

Not surgery to create an irresistible offer.  Just a matter of sophisticated snooping (key word and purchase trend spotting).  Here’s the cliff notes audio version of the training series if you’re interested 😉

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