Black Friday Groupon Marketing: How to Rock it This Year

Patty_Rappa_GG_CalendarSo you ran a Groupon or Living Social campaign and now you’re ready to gear up for some serious holiday marketing.  Nice!

The key to succeeding this holiday season is to stay visible with customers all throughout November.  This leads up to a killer Black Friday and sure to be followed by an awesome holiday spending extravaganza (if done right).  This means that even though the economy is slowly coming back, buying power will be up; however, consumers will still be looking for deals.

Some easy prep steps:

  • Start by picking three key products/services you want to promote this holiday season.
  • Blog about each product/service weekly (be sure to offer sign up or purchase options)
  • Email blast your database, linking back to the blog post
  • Pinterest post image linking back to your blog post
  • Facebook/Tweet same image linking back to your blog post

Rinse, repeat for three weeks prior to Black Friday.  Then week of Black Friday, it’s all about featuring the products/services you’ve been promoting all month long, at a SUPER AMAZING price.

Need more help?  Check out my freebie downloadable marketing calendar!

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How to Become an Instant Tech Entrepreneur

I live and work in what is called the new “Silicon Beach” area.  Like silicon valley, there is a culture of local techie entrepreneurs who get together to incubate ideas, share funding resources, etc.  Like these peers,  I’ve built and sold my own tech start-up in the past by JUST knowing how to team up with the right professional tech teams.  That was over 15 years ago.  Today, I’m offering the same opportunity to my friends and followers.

GlampreneurGroup today and launch your own tech entrepreneur empire!

If you’ve ever:

  • Dreamed of playing in the tech entrepreneurial space but didn’t know where to start
  • Felt like you knew how to talk to people and could sell, just didn’t know how to do all the “techie stuff”
  • Wanted to be part of super connected tech and entrepreneurial minded team that works in a huge city like Los Angeles
  • Loved the freedom of working from home (anywhere in the US) and not have to report to a 9-5  job
  • Wanted to be in charge of your own hours and income abundance

Then I have a great opportunity for you!  No start up funds, experience or education needed to work in this tech space.  We’re here to help you launch, grow and deliver on your own tech start-up too!

Learn more about our Affiliate Network

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Working and Playing In Beverly Hills Spells Success When There is True Purpose

Spent this AM reflecting and organizing my work week.  To some it may seem like another day in paradise, but to me it’s just another week of tasks, expectations and (hopefully) results.  As I wrote feverishly in my day planner (yes the paper kind), I felt the need to pause and pull out my journal (yes…still the paper kind).  Why?  Because every time I entered another meeting, another goal, another “have to” in my day planner, I asked myself “Why”?  Why do I do all of this, who am I serving and most important, why do I care? Image

The questions were answered with a single word:  Purpose.  As exciting it is to live and work in this amazing town, it’s even more exciting to share the challenges, the successes and the journey.  With that, I give you my audio decompress of this morning’s purpose filled meditation.

Enjoy 🙂

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Marketing on Groupon & Living Social: How to Make Your Offer Rock

Let’s face it, it’s a super duper Groupon-licous world out there…yes?  If you’re a small business owner anywhere in the US (probably on the planet), you’ve heard about the daily deal revolution.  Making daily deals pay handsomely…um well that’s a whole-nother-story.Patty_Rappa_GG_Groupon

Truth is if you’ve run a campaign (or two or five), you’re probably all too familiar with the “OMG I think we might be actually losing our butt with this one,” feeling.  Why?  Welp, it’s pretty simple.  They’re not designed to serve as an income source, but rather a kick-butt marketing vehicle.  Your job is to up-sell all these new peeps like a ninja.

Today I kicked of the first of a four part series that walks small business owners through the steps of becoming a sales ninja.  I offer the training via my online learning center, but even cooler, I hosted a free post-training live radio segment afterwards.  Lemme tell ya, it was super fun chatting it up with fellow merchants who are in the same “need to make some money” boat!

Not surgery to create an irresistible offer.  Just a matter of sophisticated snooping (key word and purchase trend spotting).  Here’s the cliff notes audio version of the training series if you’re interested 😉

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How to Get Investor Action (and Money) FAST!

Ever wonder how to grab the attention of Image
capital venture people?  How about understand how they think, what motivates them to act and most important, what makes them give you the amount you really want?  They used to scare me until I actually started working with them a few years back, on some of my ventures.  I learned they’re everyday business people just like me.  The difference?  They just have a few little things they wanna see before they reach for the checkbook.   Thought I’d share my best tips in my latest Glampreneur blogtalk radio segment.

So sit back for about 45 minutes, grab a drink and get ready to take some notes!

BONUS:I promised to offer a few websites where investors go to find companies to buy and/or vest.  Here ya go!

Sample P&L

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3 Ways to Get Your LinkedIn “Skills and Endorsements” to Work for You

Isn’t it a fun and interactive world we live in?!  I just love popping into places like Linked In and Imageseeing all my peeps offering up quickie testimonials about my skills and expertise.

Got me to wondering:  “What can I do with all this goodness?!”  So of course, I snooped around to see what others are doing with it, before I decided to call myself a genius for my few ideas.  Here’s what I came up with:

1. Highlight your relevant skills (not what you hope to be good in).   Remember, you want people to naturally say “Ahhh yes, I totally think she’s great at this!” and click ENDORSE!

2.  Say it in a couple different ways.  Remember not everyone thinks the same, so the key words you pick can mean different things.  In my world, the words “Marketing Strategy” means about the same thing as “Market Planning” but most people gravitated to the former way of saying it; and they endorsed me accordingly.  Learn what makes sense to your audience, then later carry it to ALL your marketing and branding efforts.  Remember: branding happens when you deliver on the promise.

3.  Reevaluate your lower scored skills.  Might sting a little to see that others are not all “cray” about your ability to do — but worth a gander nonetheless.  In my case, I’m like “Whaa?”  my peeps are not taunting my greatness about my SMO skills?!  WTF?  I totally have a degree in this stuff!  How did I miss making an impression there?  Totally missed it.  In fact looking back on all my blogging and social hoopla, I rarely even talk about it!  My bad.  Will work on it.

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How to Sell Your Intellectual Property for REAL Money

In a world full of free e-book downloads, free podcast subscriptions and data noise, most subject experts or authors don’t know where to go next with their respective intellectual property.  I’ve had so many clients over the years, who have had great success in publishing books, only to make a cents on the dollar for each sale.  A great accomplishment and accolade with little return in my opinion.  iStock_000007346136XSmall

I was in a similar place a little over a year ago.  I had all the connections I needed to get my How to instantly up-sell Groupon customers curriculum out to market as a book.  Instead I approached it from a different angle and here’s why:  If I didn’t have time to read a whole book, then how could I expect a small business owner to take the time?  I started seeking solutions to help me get my intellectual property delivered as easy pay-per-download nuggets.  That made the information easy to absorb and ultimately retain for my viewer.

The other great thing about delivering my intellectual property in this manner was in the ease of marketing!  I’m a fan and client of Lisa Sasavich, who coaches on the subject of getting massive traction to teleseminars.  I simply applied her model to promoting my learning center and my sales shot through the roof the very first month of release.

So how does one build a dynamic audio/visual learning center that collects member information (database boost), serves as a point of sale and delivers content in a turn-key manner making you money while you sleep?  Easy.

1.  Collect your assets.  That means all your photos, audio recordings, awards, social media posts, slides, speaker notes and curriculum notes.

2.  Create “buckets”.  Literally, get some bins and start separating all your goodies into these containers.  Don’t have tangible goodies to put into buckets?  Then get your smart phone out and start taking pictures of stuff you’d like to include in your learning center.  Not sure what to take pictures of?  Go online and take screen shots of everything you’d like to see included.  Even if it’s other people’s stuff, that’s ok; because you’re just using it as your reference point.  In fact when I’m in this phase, I like to make Pinterest boards out of all my content reference points.

3.  Label Your Stuff into “Modules 1-5”.  Most online learning centers are about five modules big.  Remember, we live in a culture of data overload, so keep your stuff nice and simple, easy to absorb and not a giant undertaking for your viewer.  After all we’re not taking them through a grad program here.  Learning centers are supposed to be fun, enjoyable to watch and above all, easy to engage with.  My learning centers have the ability to download worksheets and additional audio/visual files.  I call these my “expansion pieces”.  They are optional but available if the viewer wants more depth.  So don’t sweat it.  You’ll get it all in there one way or another.

4.  Produce quality.  Once you’re ready to start putting it all together, lay it out as Power Point slides.  It may seem like an extra step, but soooo worth it when it comes to really producing a quality informational product.  This step will also help your production team navigate quickly and easily though each of your modules.  Best part is that you can instruct the team where you want certain videos, photos, notes to be used right there in the speaker notes section of each slide.Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 12.47.21 PM

5.  Build it!  It’s important to use the right team, one that has experience in building membership based learning centers.  I spent months assembling my programmers, webinar experts, teleseminar marketing specialists and technical advisers.  I did this because I wanted my learning center to be self contained (not make members have to jump around to different platforms).  Finally, I needed the design to be a reflection of my brand, so that was a top priority too!

6. Market it!  Once you’ve organized it and built it, you need to market it!  Like I said earlier, I contracted teleseminar sales experts to train me up in this area.  The most common thread among these folks: FREEBIE DOWNLOAD!  That’s right, if you offer a freebie download with nuggets from your online learning center, you’ll constantly have endless warm leads to be working with.

Want more tips and tricks to building a powerful learning center?  Sign up for my free newsletter: 

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Getting Your Brand into the Hands of the Famous

Beyond excited to be working with this amazing Glampreneur, West Hollywood’s own Vanity Girl Maxine Tatlonghari.  She’s not only launching her own signature “How To” complete learning center this fall, she’s sharing free goodies all along the way.  Here’s one of her latest posts all about an amazing tool she favors that helps her get her stuff into celebs hands.

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How to Leverage Your YELP Love (or Hate)

Isn’t it funny how quickly things evolve online?  Yesterday it was all about getting bloggers, celebs and such to just talk about our brands in hopes of getting follower traffic.  Today’s consumer wants MORE.  They want to relate to the unique experience those people (as well as your everyday customers) had interacting with your business or brand. 

I always say the means to the end may have changed but the end is still the same.  To put it simply, we may have changed the methods we use to get attention to our businesses (social media, blogging, etc.) but we all want the same result: Happy satisfied customers talking about us.

That’s where sites like Yelp come into play.  I call these sites “deal closers.”  That means if Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. are supposed to get prospects to your business/brand by generating interest, Yelp is where decision to buy (or not in some cases) happens.  Here’s how you can leverage your Yelp presence:

  • Do not campaign (or bribe) clients to comment on your Yelp page.  Unique algorithms designed to pick up IP addresses will shut that sudden surge of effort down before you even get started.  Your good reviews get pushed back to the hidden area and other stupid things happen.  It’s seriously like bad karma.  
  • Invite clients to share their experiences via Yelp as they are leaving your location the preferably the first time they visit.  That spreads it out, lends for genuine feedback.  Oh and remember, it’s always easier to get testimonials from brand new clients 😉 
  • If you have a bad review, address it as the owner and show genuine interest to make that client’s experience better.  Generally visitors don’t put much weight on bad reviews as long as they are not left dangling out there like a bad pedicure.  
  • Finally, once you’ve got your Yelp posts nicely managed, share your “thanks” on a Love Page.  Why?  Because it’s permanent real estate that YOU control.  Plus it’s a great place to affirm your appreciation when those new clients return.

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    Turning Tweets into Cash: The Proven Formula

    Everyone talks big reasons to actively participate in social media, but few can clearly spell out the game plan to monetize the effort.   This week, we are breaking it all down and you’ll be amazed at the kind of money it can really make for your small business.  My special guest, James Keil is VP of Sales for, an online training solution that closes thousands of dollars per month using Twitter and an outstanding webinar delivery system.  He will be joining me to share step-by-step how he does it.  So saddle up and take notes because it’s gonna be good!


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