Hiya!  I’m Patty Rappa (aka GlampreneurGirl)

I’m a digital marketer and sales trainer with a passion for drawing out the strengths out of my clients, then marketing the heck out of it!   I call it “my gift.”  My clients call it “making more money than they ever thought possible.”

Why the fixation on Glampreneurs?  Since I live and work in the Brentwood/Beverly Hills area, I love interviewing and meeting the world’s top entrepreneurs.  I capture and share their stories on my Glampreneur Talk Show as well as my GlampreneurGirl Blog every week.

Fun party at Lisa Vanderpump's SUR Lounge in West Hollywood (Love her!)

Fun party at Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR Lounge in West Hollywood (Love her!)

As a young girl from Clermont, Florida, I launched my first web development firm at the age of 21 with zero idea about how to even send an email!  I just knew I had a gift of knowing how to draw out the strengths of savvy business people, techs and influential individuals.  My mission was to market and sell their talents in a way that made them shine above and beyond their competition…made them a latta money in the process!  They had the talent, I had the sales and marketing.  Seven years later, I sold that firm for a very nice profit and hiked it to the west coast to follow my dream of doing the same, on a much bigger scale.

Today, I’m a total business nerd (with crazy awesome style), playing in the land of the rich and famous.  I have access to an amazing pool of talent, tools and skill; but even more awesome I have access to the attitude of greatness!  I believe you must bring that winning attitude of greatness to all the projects you attempt.  It breeds real success.  Paired with a good ol strengths and skills assessment, we’re making marketing/sales magic!

With Terri Seymore of EXTRA at Tracy Anderson's Grand Opening in Brentwood

With Terri Seymore of EXTRA and Anita Neumann at Tracy Anderson’s Grand Opening in Brentwood ~ Los Angeles

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As a Hollywood digital media business insider, Patty Rappa regularlyattends the latest tech conferences, then reports on the latest business andmarketing


One of my fav funny guys in the world! With Dane Cook at the Laugh Factory on Sunset, Hollywood

technologies.  Her approach is always to look at the latest trends and technologies with a branding and business development focus. Over the last fifteen years, Patty’s coached over 500 professionals, from 70 different industries, to discover their digital footprint and market it accordingly.  A formula that’s opened up dormant market segments generating over $10M in untapped revenues for her clients.

An award-winning, Full Sail University New Media Marketing alumna, she also holds a stellar reputation for successfully implementing innovative tech based marketing programs – resulting in higher productivity and longer client retention.

Called on regularly to “help make it rain” for her clients, she’s often invited to hold equity positions within the various small businesses she’s involved with.  This includes spas, clothing boutiques, financial firms, ad agencies and production studios.  She calls this “working within the trenches” and one of the best ways to make a lucrative difference not only as a marketer but an investor.  One of her favorite things to do is to help small businesses build up their sales and then get shark tank ready for potential investors or new buyers to join.

Patty Rappa

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