Taking Back Your Peace


Some days it’s hard to not wake up feeling overwhelmed and on edge.  It’s hard to get centered, look ahead to the day with an optimistic attitude and feel the spirit of possibility.  The voice inside tells us to “push through it, stay strong and work harder.”  Ironically, over the years, I’ve learned to do quite the opposite in fact.  I’ve learned the harder I push, the more I obsess, the more miserable my existence becomes.  Instead, I stop.  Stop obsessing, stop filling up the list of more things to do.  Just reflect.

Reflect on everything that is going right.  Reflect on everything that you’ve proven and conquered.  Reflect on who you are and who’s you are.  Let those moments sink in and have gratitude.  They are indeed yours to forever own.  Magically, ironically, God…the Universe…however you frame your greater power, will give you peace.   You will also receive resolve and all the pieces magically start to fall into place.


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