Manifesting + Action Planning = Results


Every morning it’s my ritual to extend gratitude for the things I have and spend time manifesting the things I want/need. For the last 6 or so years, this formula has never failed me; but it’s taken me an enormous amount of discipline and dedication for my lil ol heart’s desires to come to pass. Why? Because just manifesting my wants and needs was simply not enough.

Manifesting the outcome or result is very much like drawing up blue prints to your dream house. There’s the kitchen, the groovy bathroom and perhaps even a double shower. All great in concept, but unless you set forth a plan of action, secure the financing, hire the builder and actually take physical steps to see that dream come true, that house will not just poof itself into the other end of your apartment driveway.

The key is to set forth the action plan behind that manifestation. Will it always play out as you planned it? Maybe not, but steps taken always render results. The way I do all my manifesting is to “calendar project” my intentions (or action items). I use a good ol fashioned paper calendar, fill it up with notes, action items and go!

Works like a charm. Just ask Jerry Seinfeld and the $267M he made consistently doing this little exercise.

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