Showcasing Holiday Specials with Flair

This year we wanted to zest up our holiday specials a bit.  In the spirit of two types of layouts that were super hot during 2013, we thought it would be fun to showcase the specials in this light.

Part One – The Info Graphic Inspired Look

Seems like there was a info graphic for just about every single topic, system or work plan this year, yes?  We love sharing them and creating them for ease of communication.  As a marketer, it’s important to remember that these little cute charts are slowly condidtioning the learning patterns of your consumer.  Maybe it’s the cute little graphics, side bar sayings or just the fact that it all matches so well together.  So in the spirit of keeping up with what consumers like, we decided to layout our holiday deals in a similar pattern.  Not so much as a work plan or educational system, but more as a journey through the beauty buying mental process.  Image


Part Two – The Polyvore Inspired Look

How much do you love looking at those amazing fashion collections in magazines or freshly pinned styles on Pintrest?  We thought it would be cute to lay out some of our seasonal specials, gifts and promos in this light as well.  Again, keeping the consumer buying patterns in mind.  After all keeping it fresh and interesting is always the name of the retail game, right?





Have some fun and interesting ways to promote your holiday specials this season?  Please share!

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