Killer Black Friday Money Maker Email Strategy

Planning, designing and sending out our Black Friday emails this year has been more fun than norm.  Partially because this year we decided to do something a little different and it’s lit the registers on fire – two days before Black Friday even hit!blackfriday4

We test camped this little strategy a couple of weeks ago at our customer appreciation party.  Permitting clients to pre-register for their choice of product/service ahead of time, created such a nice post-event sales opportunity.  Who doesn’t like getting white glove VIP service, right?  So our Black Friday effort this year was no different.  We wanted clients to feel like they could take advantage of our Black Friday offers from the convenience of their own couch. Waiter holding a tray with blank card for your text and announce

The best part is that it’s created an insane amount of pre-holiday sales for us.  Something to the tune of $20K in the first 24 hours!  Here’s how we did it:

STEP 1:  Create a landing page (ie. your Black Friday RSVP form) for you customer to fill in their contact information and select their choice of services.  This not only offers them a chance to feel like they get first dibs on your offers, it also reminds them of all the awesome things your business can do (planting seeds for later).

STEP 2:  Create your email blasts with all your offers, but most importantly, link up those images to your RSVP form, encouraging them to pre-register ahead of time.

STEP 3:  Send out 2-3 days before Black Friday and get ready for RSVPs to pour in!

STEP 4:  Bonus Offer – On Black Friday send out a Cyber Monday offer.  Give clients an opportunity to share 5 friends on your form, they’d like to receive a free $25-$50 gift certificate to your store.  What better than receiving an email with a free gift from a trusted friend?

Want to see the full E-Blast we did?  Click here!

Have fun and please share your results and stories below!

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