Working and Playing In Beverly Hills Spells Success When There is True Purpose

Spent this AM reflecting and organizing my work week.  To some it may seem like another day in paradise, but to me it’s just another week of tasks, expectations and (hopefully) results.  As I wrote feverishly in my day planner (yes the paper kind), I felt the need to pause and pull out my journal (yes…still the paper kind).  Why?  Because every time I entered another meeting, another goal, another “have to” in my day planner, I asked myself “Why”?  Why do I do all of this, who am I serving and most important, why do I care? Image

The questions were answered with a single word:  Purpose.  As exciting it is to live and work in this amazing town, it’s even more exciting to share the challenges, the successes and the journey.  With that, I give you my audio decompress of this morning’s purpose filled meditation.

Enjoy 🙂

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