Marketing on Groupon & Living Social: How to Make Your Offer Rock

Let’s face it, it’s a super duper Groupon-licous world out there…yes?  If you’re a small business owner anywhere in the US (probably on the planet), you’ve heard about the daily deal revolution.  Making daily deals pay handsomely…um well that’s a whole-nother-story.Patty_Rappa_GG_Groupon

Truth is if you’ve run a campaign (or two or five), you’re probably all too familiar with the “OMG I think we might be actually losing our butt with this one,” feeling.  Why?  Welp, it’s pretty simple.  They’re not designed to serve as an income source, but rather a kick-butt marketing vehicle.  Your job is to up-sell all these new peeps like a ninja.

Today I kicked of the first of a four part series that walks small business owners through the steps of becoming a sales ninja.  I offer the training via my online learning center, but even cooler, I hosted a free post-training live radio segment afterwards.  Lemme tell ya, it was super fun chatting it up with fellow merchants who are in the same “need to make some money” boat!

Not surgery to create an irresistible offer.  Just a matter of sophisticated snooping (key word and purchase trend spotting).  Here’s the cliff notes audio version of the training series if you’re interested 😉

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  1. Great show babes. Nice structure

    Best, Maxine Shop | Blog & Video | Speak

    How Social Media built my VanityGirl brand:


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