How to Get "Shark Tank" Ready

Infographic by
in Women 2.0

Did you know there is a sea full of investors out there hunting for their cash worthy projects?  Finding them is not hard.  In fact having your stuff in order is really the only hard part.

Here’s what investors (or potential business buyers want to see):

1.  Two solid years of financials or at least a pro forma.  They want to know that even if you don’t have money, you certainly have a solid plan on how you’re gonna use it.

2.  They want to know you know your market, inside and out.  That means you live, breathe and sleep it.  That kind of commitment to your customer translates as “passion” to an investor.  Something they ALL love to see.

3.  They want to know you have a place for them to fit in.  Sometimes the hunt becomes more exciting than the prize and that frankly translates into a giant waste of time for an investor.  What are you gonna do with that investor and his money once you get them?  Do you want his help developing opportunities, mentoring you or do you just want the money and have him take a seat on the comfy couch – let you do your thing?

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