How to Up-Sell Fitness Clients Using Groupon or Living Social Vouchers

I’ve recently had the pleasure of coaching team of personal trainers who are about to launch a Living Social campaign for their very own unique one-hour training system.   The most common question I received was “how do we tell all these new customers about our products and services during this initial visit?”

My response raised a few eyebrows:  “You don’t.”

That’s the beauty of leveraging the power of the voucher number!  By inviting your new Living Social voucher toting customers to come back for a 3-Pack (three more visits) at the same voucher rate, you automatically hyper charge your one hour with new clients to four!  And the best part is: they’re paying you the whole time to showcase all your stuff!

Step 1:  Invite them to double or triple their voucher deal by letting them know they get to buy up to 3 more times at the low voucher rate by allowing you to plug in their unique voucher number in your system, upon check out.

Step 2:  Use the first visit simply to explore their wants and needs (don’t tell them all about everything you have to offer).  This will catch them by surprise because they most likely expect you to try to tell them all about everything you have to offer during this first visit.  In my online training program, I call this step “discovering wants and needs” to gather bullets.

Step 3: When they come back to see you on their 2nd visit (because they bought two or three more using their voucher number), repeat back their bullet points and ask them permission to show them something you have that might be of interest to them.  

You will not only get a grateful “yes” because you remembered what they shared, you’re actually now getting permission to show and sell your greatest new toy, service or program.  Best part?  Your client feels ZERO sales pressure!  In fact they will actually thank you for taking the time to tell them more about what you have to offer.  

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