The Groupon Instant Up-Sale by Voucher Number Technique

Most small business merchants simply accept the voucher number, plug it into the Groupon merchant center and “hope” this new client will buy more simply because they enjoyed their experience.   The problem is there is no urgency or immediate reason for the client to buy it today or buy it NOW.

Getting clients to buy more on the spot is not hard if you know how to add a small amount of urgency with finesse.   Here’s a quick EZ technique I tech.  I call it:

Leveraging the Power of the Voucher Number

Step 1:  Ask the client if they knew they could “do more” with their voucher number.  Here’s Ms. HowYouSayIt to help you with the words.

Step 2:  The client needs to check out with their voucher number and it can only be used once, right?  So basically, they can take advantage of their discount upon check out or not, but they don’t get to think about it or use it later because you tell them your “system is simply not set up that way.”  

Give it a try and watch your sales double on the spot!


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