How The Little Asian Guy "Psy" Affirms The Power of the Mighty American Marketing Machine

Thousands of screaming people when this guy came out to do his interview with Mario Lopez and Maria Menudo at the Grove last night. Dig the new sassy Asian craze that’s so hot right now in fashion and beauty, just not getting this little guy. Thoughts?  

Okay now I’m getting it.  Went to my sources to figure out the business side of his new popularity (of course I did).  Basically he’s been around for like over 12 years in Asia, but just recently signed with new management (YG Entertainment) and since has had a ton of new social media celeb cross endorsements from American artists like Katie Perry and Brittany.  Views exploded on YouTube and now he’s touring the American circuit (talk shows, etc) teaching everybody “Gangnam Style”.

So today’s little takeaway for me, is yet more affirmation:  America is STILL the most powerful branding/marketing machine in the world and it’s not cool until Hollywood says it’s cool.  Love it!

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