Fashion Designers Showcasing Tech During Fashion Week 2012

It seems that Tech, or I should say Silicon Valley continues to be wooed for its hand in marriage by  many industries.  First it was courted heavily by Hollywood for its gaming allure.  Now it seems the Fashion industry has shown up with roses in hand.

Fashion week is always full of the latest, most exciting designer creations.  This year was no different. However, tech was invited to the party, not only as production, but rather the star taking center stage.   I mean you know when Sarah Jessica Parker (aka forever Carrie) is matchie matchie with the new Google glasses debuted on the runway this year by Diane Von Furstenberg, the trend has legs. 

Other designers were hot to tech trend their stuff too.  Christopher Baily of Burberry shares about his 2012 collection:  “I wanted the collection to be the celebration of these merging worlds.” [physical & digital] 

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