Dressing up your gadgets really does make work more fun!

Tiffany Blue MacBook Pro Skin
It’s funny how coordinating my laptop, day minder and iPad case with a simple skin makes work seem so much more zen, no to mention fun.   Kinda like wearing that perfect outfit to the office that gives you confidence and makes you feel oh-so-put-together!
Even though I ordered the MacBook 17″ Tiffany Blue, it still needed to be trimmed around the edges.  I found the best way to get a nice straight edge was to hold my sharp scissors slightly open against the edge of the laptop, gliding them straight down, slicing off the excess.
Sticks on pretty easily.  Air bubbles can be pressed out with a credit card. 
TIP #1:  The Apple cut out in the middle is a great little short cut to release the air bubbles you press out!

TIP #2:  The little Apple symbol that’s left over, makes a great stick on color pop for your iPad case too!
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2 Responses to Dressing up your gadgets really does make work more fun!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love your Tiffany Blue skin! Where did you purchase it from? I cannot find it online anywhere in a 17 inch. Thank you!

  2. Patty Rappa says:

    Thx! It's at SkinIt.com Apple MacBook Pro 17" (2009/2010)Design: Turquoise $29

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