What would the world be without publicists? We all love our heros. Here’s how you make a career out of touting their greatness!

Women Of Color In Public Relations

Entertainment publicists might be best known for issuing “no comment” but their job responsibilities are varied and challenging. If you want to become an entertainment publicist, you have to possess the education, experience and skills to succeed in the cutthroat entertainment industry. If you do, and pursue the right strategy, you might find yourself regularly in front of the camera.

Things You’ll Need

  • Determination

  • Ability to work long hours

  • Good social skills


  1. Earn a bachelor’s degree in public relations. Colleges and universities across the country offer PR programs. Take courses in public relations writing, public relations strategies, ethics in the industry and mass communications law.
    • Complete an internship during or after your degree program. Landing one in entertainment, whether for a PR firm that represents celebrity clients or an arena that hosts star-studded concerts, can get your foot in the door in this specialized industry. Internships in other areas of PR…

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