To Prototype or Not to Prototype? This Week’s Micro-Business Discussion

Every week the Internet Marketers get together and share ideas and thoughts on the latest industry happenings. This week’s discussion was about the “Prototype”. Here’s what I shared:

(1) Do you believe that the concept of prototyping your business is sound (or not) and why?

“I believe it’s very sound because in a fast paced tech world where everything evolves so quickly one needs to test the waters before investing in marketing and branding campaigns. Soft launches help an entrepreneur gage where the risks are and best manage scalability.”

(2) What do you perceive as the top 3 advantages of creating a micro-business prototype?

“I think the top three advantages are:
  1. Garnering an understanding of what your market really thinks
  2. Examining (in detail) the pitfalls of the model
  3. Following up and implement improvements based on feedback”

(3) Are there any negative repercussions that you can see from releasing a prototype as opposed to a fully vetted business system?

“”I guess the negative would be the risk of someone stealing the idea and improving upon it. Not unusual in this business 2.0 world, but worth the attempt in my opinion. One never knows unless one tries.
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