Louis Vuitton Web Designs for the Global Cloud Culture

Symbolic meaning is all around us; however in a new commercial world united by social web participants, it’s hard to draw the geographic boundaries on the perceptions formed from the symbolic meanings of a specific culture. To better clarify, “culture” is the patterned defined meaning of the symbols we see out there in the world. An individual’s interpretation of that symbolic value is the perception value those symbols are given from their target audience. As the old saying goes: Perception is reality.

On an internet marketing strategy level, of course design must lend itself to the culture of it’s target audience. However, use of color for regional sectors or international code is important. Most important (now a days) is the global understanding that dwells within the cloud. Take the high level of ambiguity specifically in the high fashion industry. As abstract as it is, perception and value are instant when one sees a pattern like this one:

Exploring it further, let’s look the Louis Vuitton site. Immediately upon first impression, one is greeted with the choice of language and a textured background of travel stamps in the reds, blues and other hues that cater to all nationalities. It represents the vibrant meaning of happiness, luck and joy of Asia. It also captures the blue hues favored by the Mediterranean and the vibrant yellows of Latin America.

When entering the site under the various languages, you presented with photographic menu options transporting you all over the world. These are photos that translate to all cultures, but within each landing page, are specific photographic images relevant to the their dominating country of region. This is brilliant because they are requesting an active participation of the viewer to embark on the jet set lifestyle Louis Vuitton is trying to sell.

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