The Magic of the Web Whisperer (ie. Internet Marketer)

This week’s task in Cultural Internet Marketing Studies:
Analyze the inferred relationship between “web characteristic” and “cultural implication”. What examples can you cite that would support the relationship between content and culture presented by the authors? For example, how do cross-cultural differences potentially impact Internet Marketing strategy? What elements of the Internet reflect cultural behavior? Is all promotional content “cultural”?

My Response:
I believe we could summarize the web as a living “breathing” document which takes shape as contributors engage in the subject matter. This is, in my opinion, the core value of relevancy and key component of crowd sourced journalism. The Internet Marketer must not only stop to perceive how the messages are received, but also examine how it is being conveyed post impact. Hence the illustration of “breath”. It can also be like the telephone game, where a message travels via whispers and evolves across channels accordingly. A good Internet Marketer will not blatantly promote her message via the channels, but rather influence the participants to virally endorse the message as that marketer designed it. A sophisticated art in my opinion and not an easy task.


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