Oh and one more thing…You’re FIRED.

Truly been the last two weeks from hell. Not only have I had an enormous amount of drama going on in my personal life, my investors were in town trying to come to financial conclusions about the state of the business listings I have on the market. After almost six months of making it rain like crazy for these business listings to show profits and impress my new investors, needless to say I’m tired.

So you’d think the professional staff at these spas would understand when I ask for a little flexibility and support handling a few mundane tasks like answering phones and customer service. I mean after all, I’m only making it rain so they can all have jobs and maintain the lifestyles they like. Most are cool, some not so much.

One in particular found it especially important to complain about she thought to be wrong with the way the spas were run. When I needed her to understand these conversations were to be held during the appropriate times, she then proceeded to insult my professionalism and tell me I was wasting her time by asking her to pitch in. Nope. Sorry. I can take a lot of criticism and the person can be a rock star at their job(in this case she was very good at what she did). However, when disrespect happens, there is no going back. It sets a standard for tolerance and I’m just not tolerant of anyone showing disrespect to fellow co-workers. As tough as it was, I fired her after my third email trying to get her to understand what kind of damage she was doing to the working relationship.

Sales may have suffered a bit, but guess what, I pushed a little harder and made them up. Not losing sleep over this one bit. Peace and sanity.

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