Are You Friend Jealous?

As social girls we make friends, take friends, sometimes even fake friends (only if it means not hurting someone’s feelings); but how often do you “stake friends”???

Those are the friends you basically mark and not just as a BFF.  Short of peeing a small circle around them, you pretty much think you own them.  They’re the ones who know every secret, every ounce of insecurity and every ugly moment you’ve ever had,  judge you to hell for it and it’s perfectly okay – because you know they love you.  They’re also the ones you’d do anything in the world for…and I mean ANYTHING.

So what happens when someone else comes into the picture and starts borrowing their attention?  Well, in my case I go completely ballistic, but then again I’m an Aries girl.  We’re supposed to be fiery and jealous.  Not to say it’s right, but it happens.  It’s when I don’t react that I know I’m simply not all that interested in that person.  Thoughts?

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