The Classic (and Sexy) White Blouse

It’s the fit that hugs in all the right places, a collar just high enough to frame your face beautifully and contrast perfectly down your tan neckline.  The buttons, oh how they define your mood.  Undone one says you’re ready, undone two means a show.  And by a show I mean that amazing new lingerie you treated yourself to the last time you visited your favorite boutique.

I absolutely LOVE the classic tailored white blouse.  With jeans and loafers, it’s an afternoon at the polo match; with a pencil skirt and heels, you own the boardroom and by itself (with nothing but a cute pair of undies) you can easily drive your man to insanity.  Never underestimate the power of the classic white blouse ladies.  It’s one look you can NEVER get wrong.

Linda Evangelista Talbots‘ Fall/Winter 2010 campaign

Kim Kardashian Rockin the 50s Look

Ali Larter at the Ivy, West Hollywood
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