How to Price and Sell Your Website or Blog

Anyone’s who’s vested time and energy into their web based assets, knows it’s more about contribution than anything else.  Compensation for all that hard work comes from possible future sales, potential contacts and of course the revenue of the internet: followers.  But few have actually taken the steps to actually price and list their web assets in the market.  Most might even say they wouldn’t even know where to begin.  As a business broker, I can affirm there is a GIANT demand for these kinds of businesses out there and simply not enough inventory to meet that demand.  In fact the very first business I owned was a web based marketing service that I sold just 7 years from inception for a very nice profit. 

Want to learn more?  Here is an EXCELLENT step-by-step detailing out how to go about pricing your website, blog or e-commerce business for future sale or acquisition:

Want a free website or blog appraisal?  Give me shout:

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