Non-surgical, non-injectable thermo skin-tightening machine

During our lunch the other day, my friend Anita (long time Beverly Hills day spa owner) looked at me and said “it’s time for Botox dear.”  I spent the first thirty seconds quieting the sirens in my head, and the next preparing myself for the “why?”  Apparently the elevens are starting to develop (you know the two little lines in between your eyebrows).  I’m also losing collagen under my eyes and well, I could go on, but I’d like to stay on the positive side of this one if you don’t mind.  Thx.

I reminded Anita that I’m not a fan of pain and really would rather not do injections if, I can help it.  “Thermo collagen stimulation,” she responded, then took me by the hand to see her friend Marianna at the Rejuvatech spa in the Palisades.  She owns this European celebrity frequented super secret place only a handful of people know about (does no advertising).   Apparently she’s the first to have this European technology here in the states and people are going crazy over it.  I can see why: Instant result! Been smooth ever since. Radio waves…who knew!

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