A Business Girl’s Credo

I just love today’s business women.  Felt inspired to share some reasons why…
Not afraid to be herself, have nothing to prove to anyone BUT herself and sooo, could care less what the boys are doing; it’s really all about her.  Here in LA, I meet these girls (my kind of girls) – all the time.  Each on a different journey, different backgrounds, yet with one similar goal:  Being the BEST me possible.

Haunted by the same voices of doubt and discouragement at times I’m sure; yet able to hush them quickly in between checking the next appointment on her Blackberry and the next need for a make-up touch up in her rear view mirror.  She waits for no prince, chooses to work especially hard and expects reward.

Today’s business girl owns her “sexy” in the boardroom and in the bedroom – makes no apologies for it.  Instead she celebrates it …
She embraces motherhood with all her heart, shows her babies off to the world, makes no apologies for putting them first either πŸ˜‰
Most of all, today’s business girl makes time for others after she’s made time for herself.  She respects her mind, body and the precious value of feeling centered.  

Bravo Ladies…Bravo.

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