Free Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Sample: The Budgeting Worksheet

As promised, here is a sample planning worksheet I used this week to test camp a client’s $6700 monthly budget.  These aren’t the final numbers but will give you a good idea of how we go about measuring and estimating profit margins on a PPC campaign (something you should know before making a decision to vest).  Note: We actually decided against spending the entire ad budget, suggested they spend less than they originally thought they needed 😉
Cost Per Visitor (C/V)
Revenue Per Visitor (R/V)
Margin Per Visitor (RPV – CPV = MPV)
Advertising-to-Revenue Ratio (CPV/RPV)

Exposures (E)
Click-Thrus (CT)
Click-Thru Rate (Clicks/Exposures) x 100
Branding/View-Thru Rate (BVT)
Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

Cost-Per-Conversion (CPC)
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