To PPC or not to PPC? It’s not really a question in my opinion.

This week’s Internet Marketing MBA course on PPC (pay per click) campaigns had us discussing the 13 myths of the practice based on this article

I was having drinks with one of my girlfriends this week and she brought up she was meeting with a local agency trying to sell her organic SEO placement for her brand.  “Perfect timing!” I said, since I was having to discuss it later that week in class.  Nothing like getting your homework done over cocktails 😉

So here’s the thing.  She is super connected in the social media world, gets tons of 3rd party viral traffic from YouTube videos made about her brand and really does not need to spend a lot of extra money on online advertising at this point; however, when she told me she was considering moving out of her PPC campaign to try the organic route I had to weigh in on the pros and cons.  Mostly the cons.

As stated in #9 of this article, I told her not to put all her eggs in one game of roulette basket.  Just because she spends a little on some organic SEO stuff, does not mean she needs to give up her existing (and successful) PPC efforts.   One is not going to replace the other.  In fact the PPC campaign in my opinion, helps her and her investors budget and measure ROI much more accurately in my opinion.

The other question I posed to provoke thought was to ask her just how she was going to go about leveraging her new SEO efforts.  We went right into discussing her site content and metas…which by the way needed to be checked against Google AdWords in my opinion, before vesting ANY money into organic SEO efforts.  This falls in line with the article’s #11 point.  My argument was “if this company wants to charge you to measure the effectiveness of your keyword content and metas, say NOOOO!  I can show you how to do that in about ten minutes…even show you how to check out your competition’s rankings and what they’re found mostly under.”

Finally I came back to point #1 in the article, which was about ego.  If she wanted to be optimized so she could see herself at the top of the list on an organic level, this might just be her ego needing to feel some affirmation coming from her community.   This does not necessarily mean she’s going to see any increase in her RPV value.  I suggested she go back to her social networking circles for this kind of affirmation, where she’s already ruling beautifully.  In other words, organic SEO would not give her something she was not already getting (including ROI) from her existing sphere of influencers.

In closing, I agreed that she needed to get some information about SEO, while cautioning her not to dismiss the hard work (and traction) she’s made with her current PPC and social media efforts.  I tend to think both of those efforts are much more of a sure thing than SEO, but that’s just me.

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