How does this Independence Day Reflect YOUR Independence?

The lines at the grocery stores are long, each cart showcasing what that faithful Independence Day maître d feels will best represent the holiday for her friends and family.  I imagine many sit in their offices, hearing the tick tick tick of the clock, waiting to feel the sweet release of a three day weekend.  You gatta love this country.  We work hard and play hard, no exceptions….but what are we so eager to celebrate the independence of? 

Some would argue “it’s a holiday celebrating the independence of this country.”  While I agree, I can’t help but wonder how many Americans are just plain celebrating an opportunity to have some independence from their jobs for a whole three days.  A break from the system if you will. 

A system that perhaps someone else created, that we follow and that we ultimately wish we could break out of one day.  Some think of that day in the context of winning the lottery, others think of it as the day “I can make enough money to be able to finally do what I want.”  I applaud all of it, but ask the daunting question: What if that day never comes?

We live in uncertain times, where jobs are kept and lost in the blink of a stock market ticker.  If you had the power to manifest your financial outcome, would you do it; or would you wait for someone to come along and create the rulebook or system for you?  If you answered “yes” to the former, I applaud your willingness to create your own independence day.  I also encourage you to start thinking about what kind of work you would do from that day on.  What are you passionate about?  Once you’ve answered that question, you can begin your search.  I would start by looking to see what businesses are on the market that match your passion.  There are tons of business listing sites out there and of course I’m going to encourage you to check out our Business-Team listings first ;-).

Before you talk yourself out of it by saying, “I can’t afford to buy a business.”  Know this: Most small business owners are willing to hold half if not more than half of the total sales price, in the form of a note.  EVERYTHING is possible.  You just need to ask and what’s the worst that can happen if you ask?  Happy 4th!

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