How to talk to little girls – a business girl’s perspective

Oh gosh, this one’s tough.  Friend of mine posted this article from the Huffington Post on Facebook today…inspired me to yammer.  The article is all about talking to little girls less about their outer beauty, more about their inner beauty.  I agree with the article’s point about talking to girls about their minds first.  Agreed, little girls should grow up with an inner confidence only the comfort of knowledge can offer.  With that being said, I will firmly argue that women who does not recognize the power of their external beauty are sadly missing out.  You just can’t argue with nature, women ARE beautiful.  To encourage a little girl to develop and care for her outer beauty, in my opinion, offers her an tremendous advantage in the future.  A woman that’s in shape and well groomed will garner a certain level of respect that an overweight poorly groomed woman can not.  I was raised by a man and grew up believing looks didn’t matter.  I was never encouraged to take care of my body, my skin or my hair.  I was however encouraged to study hard and never let them see you sweat.  Today, I can go head to head with any corporate dude in any board room with my eyes closed. It’s however been the largest struggle of my life to embrace and celebrate my femininity.  The good news is that once I understood it, I became twice as powerful in the corporate world. They don’t see me coming.  As women, beauty is indeed the secret weapon many women do not even know they have

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