Customer Review Sites: Is it the way of the social commerce future?

This week, in PR 2.0, the professor asked us to give feedback regarding customer review sites and viral their impact on their peers.  I thought about getting into all the physiological aspects of the practice, but then realized, it’s really all about the WIIFM factor.

Observations of Current Trends to Encourage Consumer Feedback:
Over the last several months, retailers are leveraging the power of community sourced content such as personalized YouTube videos and photo uploads featuring their products.  As a form of incentivizing the consumer to participate in these efforts, they offer various forms of prizes and rewards.  One online retailer that does an amazing job at this sort of thing is  In fact the founder of ModCloth, Susan Gregg Koger recently talked about her 2011 focus on social commerce programs in Entrepreneur Magazine. A $50M retail business based out of her closet, the girl must be doing something right!

In my opinion, this is a win for all.  The retailer gets direct consumer feedback regarding ways their customer is using the products.  The viewing audience receives ideas and suggestions about ways they could potentially use that retailer’s product and the contributor (person engaging in the act of uploading content such as videos and photos) is up for some sort of reward in exchange for her contribution.   Love it.

Future Projection:
I predict there’s going to be much more of this sort of thing in the future.  In fact, I predict retailers will find a way to turn community sourced content into social games.  I’m actually pretty obsessed with the concept, think it’s going to be a brand new way of marketing and advertising.  To test camp my theories, I built the first social commerce game and based it on shops in LA, but the idea can pretty much be implemented within most industries.  It takes community content (in this case YouTube videos) and turns them into social games.  I call it  Thoughts?

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