China’s here and they’re ready to invest in American companies

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This morning’s business broker meeting shed a bit of hope and light on the economic state of small businesses in America.  Now, before I get into this, let me just establish something.  I’m a commerce girl and rarely even think or care about politics.  I’m a silly Canadian with zero power to even vote, so why ruin a good soy latte morning by listening to all the talking heads?  I don’t but I’m sure there’s lots of opinions about China’s ownership of US Bonds, the national deficit and so on.  That’s all great and you’re welcome to post your opinions.  As far as I’m concerned, I’m all about ways to grant people the American dream of owning a small business and retiring with options.  That’s what I like to talk about and if that means borrowing money from China or any other country for that matter, let’s go!
Now, on to my nuggets of possibilities.  China’s in da house!!!  And they bring cash people.  The institution is called the Chinatrust Bank and they’re actively looking for American enterprises to vest their kung pow dollars.  How do I know this?  Let’s just say there’s some buzz about it in the office.  Regardless, I say “pony on up to the bar…let’s get a round of funding going on.” Those who look into Chinatrust, please be sure to share your findings…
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