Traditional PR in contrast to PR 2.0

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Public Relations is the active process of maintaining an image by projecting and sustaining the story around a brand, person or place.  Public relations takes shape based on the positive or negative opinions and endorsements of key influencers.  Originally, these influencers were described as the media; however, today public relations can be performed by any number of people who capture and hold the attention of the public. 
These people are known to be key influencers based on the attention they place to the brand, people or places they talk about.  This kind of influence is now deemed be described as public relations 2.0 because of the large platform social media lends to everyday influencers via the internet.  This is how PR 2.0 is changing the way we communicate with our audience as well.  It directly relates to how we use the tool as marketers because we must now recognize the power of everyday people, sharing everyday thoughts regarding the brands, people and places we’re responsible for positioning.
How has PR 2.0 affected your business?  Please share…
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