Research for the Skwikee SMO Plan: Competition Wanted

SMO class or Social Media Optimization class has got me all perplexed.  I never professed to be an expert on the subject, just know my way around the tools and a few techniques to get up to 10,000 Twitter or Facebook followers within 24 hrs.  Not something I’d advise to anyone looking to genuinely build on their social channels by the way.  Those tools are for the wanna be influencer,  and I regard them a little like Joan River’s saying, “Just because it zips, does not mean it fits darling.”  Others simple call it social whoring.  Whatever. I digress.

So back to SMO class.  The assignment is to write a social media marketing plan, something I’ve already done numerous times for clients.  But this time I’m a little stumped.   I’m doing mine on Skwikee, my experimental social media project. The plan calls for competitive analysis to delineate strengths, weaknesses, etc.  However, there’s no real competition out there right now to glean from.  I have to pull from a list of different sources to hit on the: fashion, food, lifestyle vlog, turned social game elements.  I don’t necessarily deem the following ladies competition, simple think they all have some elements of “ness” I should be trying to deliver within the game.  Plus, I find them all interesting and entertaining.

Why?  Because she knows who she is, has an artistic point of view about life and she speaks to my target audience:  35-45 yr. old middle class women.  She gives away prizes on her blog kinda like I offer virtual gifts on Skwikee.  Plus Food Network just gave her her own show, so she must be doing something right.

Why?  Because she recognizes the little things that make the LA lifestyle so unique.  She’s got a decent following on Twitter (personal not the blog) and I like her Glamoratti girls.  Very chic and gangsta.  Oh and also, she gives away prizes too.  Nice added value to her readers.

 Why?  This girl is a rock star of the girlpreneur world.  She’s become a mega millionaire by selling clothes she didn’t want from her closet.  Today she’s deemed as one of the most influential, under 25 entrepreneurs in the world.   But that’s not even the best part.  She’s majorly into social commerce, does contests and scavenger hunts on her site regularly, cross promotes the events on Facebook and just has a total system.  Respect.
And then there’s the video haul girls.  You know, the ones that sit and chat about their latest purchases on YouTube, garner millions of views for it.  Most are catering to a younger audience, but I discovered Emily Eddington’s channel not to long ago on YouTube.  Looked at her subscribers and she seems to be hitting the same demographic as well.  I like her simple laid back approach.  She features lots of different items that can be found at local drugstores and she’s practical.  All good things for me to keep in mind for Skwikee.

In closing, I’m not crazy about the idea of discovering competition for Skwikee, but it would be nice to have some sort of vlog/social game standard.  I’ve opened Skwikee up to the public and invited the top haul vloggers on YouTube to turn some of their videos into games but no one has taken me up on it quite yet.  We shall see. 
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