How to Reach the Latino Market via Mobile Devices

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According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, in 2009 more than 47 percent of Hispanics used a handheld device to go online, compared to 28 percent of Caucasians. I say hallelujah, praise the Lord.  One less app limitation for the hard working marketers of the world.

That means marketers are not confined to the mobile app market’s limitations. Nor are we confined to a specific device. We can directly incentivize the Latino consumer to go online for special point of sale offers, social commerce initiatives and more. 

Language barrier limitation also decreases, because if the viewer is only spanish speaking, he will most likely have his browser set to Spanish Google.  This means unlimited offline marketing and advertising opportunities directing the Latino consumer to go online can exist at pretty much any point of sale location: product packaging, display ads, etc.  As long as the website is mobile device friendly, things should be groovy.  Not sure how to make your webite mobile friendly?  Don’t sweat it.  You can always build your marketing message on one of these 11 easy platforms.  You can always link out to your corporate website later, but your message will be front and center and that’s what counts in this loco mundo we live in.
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