Mobile Advertising May Soon Be a Thing of the Past

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As a marketer we preach that interruption marketing is on its way out, yet we’re still plastering our client’s message across any surface that entertains the public’s eyeballs for 4 seconds or less.  In my opinion, mobile advertising today is still no different than throwing up a billboard or a banner ad. 

I’m feeling all opinionated due to this week’s Mobile Advertising class discussion.   We were asked to evaluate Crisp Wireless, a technology that integrates advertising throughout mobile device apps.  Although the concept lends itself to all the check points: social interaction, optional viewing permissions, etc.  I’m not convinced marketing magic is going to happen at the app level for long.  In other words, I think this form of advertising is temporary at best.

I think we need to be looking beyond the novelty of the mobile app, back to the actual web, where it all began.  Google’s ability to optimize for mobile devices is a perfect example.  The thought pattern to modify websites to cater to the mobile device is ideal.  As a marketer, I look at this landscape and think if ways to integrate more of my client’s brand story into the relevance of what’s happening in that moment.  Not an easy feat; however, very possible with the intuitive nature of the modern search engine capabilities.  Thoughts?
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