New Media Advertising: The Skwikee Vlog Based Social Game Model

Okay boys and girls, moment of truth.  It’s been six long months but we’re just about at premier point.  Lots of very cool people in and throughout LA vested in this project, can’t wait to see it launch.  Tonight I’m required to present the Skwikee model for Viral Marketing class.  So far, I’ve gotten thumbs up on my theories, target demo research and the physiology behind this project.  Tonight, we’ll see if they get it based on the visuals I’m providing.  Programmers are just about done building it; however  I hesitated to post these since the site has not officially launched yet. My peace came when I realized what it took to get here and if anyone wants to spend the kind of time I’ve spent doing the background research, God bless them.  The science behind Skiwkee is much more complex than throwing together a social game.  It’s all about meeting the expectations and psychological needs for women between the ages of 35-60 who play social games AND feel a need to be connected to Hollywood.    

Players can then see the series available to them if/when they wish to win the official badge for that segment.  In this case it’s for the Madame Chocolate Badge and we’re featuring the Louboutin inspired chocolate shoes she carries in her store and website.
Once Players have finished the segments in the series, they are awarded the badge for that vendor.  Their collection of badges are displayed for them in their VIP Lounge.  There are various ways that Vendor can then interact with Players once they have the badge, but we’ll save that for the premier of the game (didn’t think we’d give it all away did u!)
Of course we want to offer an opportunity for a point of sale, so we built in the boutique as well as some other functionality that enables the player to perform some viral activities within their Facebook network of friends.

And that’s pretty much the base idea.  As we’re progressing we’re building in more tools and fun added features to enhance the experience.  I’ll be sure to keep ya posted on progress.  In the meantime, follow our FB and Twitter pages for updates – Peace

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