Skwikee Case Study: Measuring the power of the game with chocolate

This is an especially fun week, been hustling to get premier ready.  I lament to report there’s still elements of the game we need to perfect, so we pushed release date out a couple more weeks (after Valentine’s Day).  No big.  We can still share glimpses of the game by allowing our FB and Twitter followers to see previews of the video segments.
I was going to wait to release this special segment until the official premier of the site, but thought it would be unfair to not share this perfect Valentine find before the holiday:  The exclusive Madame Chocolate heart box.  Staying true to the experimental objective of the site, my hope is that the entertainment value of the game will entice players to not only interact with this unique find, share it virally and order it too!  That would be the perfect testimony to the power of Skwikee social game experience.  Fingers crossed.
The best part?  I got to feature my favorite Beverly Hills Housewife, Lisa Vanderpump in this one.  Bonus!


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