Finding Hero – If there’s no story, it’s just another advertisement

Sitting at Coral Tree in Brentwood trying to come up with the perfect “hero’s journey” for Skwikee tonight.  If this game is going to prove my theory that marketing and advertising can become interactive entertainment, then I have to stay true to the one fundamental of the entertainment industry:  The Story.

Even though Skwikee segments are only about 90 seconds long, the story needs to come through.  I believe that’s what’s going to entice players to share the concept and return for more.  Elements I need to make sure I incorporate into each Skwikee segment:

1.  Call to the adventure – familiar setting – home base
2.  First threshold – stepping into the unfamiliar
3.  Help – get the support of others
4.  Face the challenge – rubber meets the road
5.  Revelation – Ah ha! moment
6.  Transformation – New perspective
7.  Return (as a winner)

Rant and Whining
My mind is in a total fog.  Sooo many elements, parts and pieces to think about.  How the hell am I going to come up with the Hero’s Journey in this state?  After days of sitting with programmers, detailing the functions of the game, filming segments all over LA, editing video files and not to mention staying on top of the design elements of the site itself my brain is scrambled.  Soooo easy to miss the mark on this one.  A little too cheesy, cutsie or gamie, we’ll look like amateurs.  A bit too technical and my target demo will for sure check out.  Every single step I take is calculated, evaluated and one more reason I’ll need a good amount of therapy when this is done.  I’ve never second guessed myself this much.  Keep telling myself, “I’m innovating, it’s supposed to be uncertain territory.” 

Programmers asked me for an extension last night, push release date out to make sure it’s all functioning well, not buggy, etc.  I’m dying to get it released, but thinking I need to be careful not to get ahead of myself.  But hey, I saved money on my auto insurance!  Bonus.
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1 Response to Finding Hero – If there’s no story, it’s just another advertisement

  1. Christian says:

    >have you released a beta so people can test it out?That would be a good idea cuz it would give peeps an idea of whats up while at the same time getting everything as perfect as it can be. But you prolly already thought of that ;]

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