>Skwikee Social Experiment Project – Pre-launch Phase I


It’s been 35 days since we initiated the pre-launch news of Skwikee.com  Our goal this first month was to establish a target market, then test relevance points within that market.   Unlike other market specific social sites, we decided to tie it directly into the Facebook API and use the social tools already in place.  Why reinvent the wheel when the people and technology already exist? 
Proving social gaming (in the form of video blogging) is a new and effective form of social marketing, we needed to test it within the dominating demographic for social gaming: 43 yr. old women.  We chose LA and featured nightlife, celebrity trends, fashion and press as the content.  As we hoped, we’ve hit the target demographic spot on.  Here are the results of our Facebook followers thus far:
Our next area of experimentation was to find out exactly what the target audience was most interested in.  Some examples were:
  • LA celebrity spottings
  • LA Fashion News
  • Nightlife/Event Happenings
  • Auditions for New Correspondents
  • Early Wwarding of Badges (pre-game launch)
Here is a sample of the responses we recieved:

To conclude this early phase of the Skwikee pre-launch promo, it’s safe to say we have enough data to determine we are on the right track.  Moving forward we now have a better idea how to relate to our demographic.  We have not seen very much viral activity, which tells us we need to do a better job of now influencing and connecting with our audience in a meaningful way.  Our theory is that if we build enough connectivity with the featured correspondents, we’ll be able to give the follower a much better and meaningful experience.  This is what we plan to test in Pre-launch Phase II. 

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