>Skwikee.com Converts Citizen Journalists into Citizen Game Developers


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About this time last year YouTube opened up a channel for Citizen Journalists to fill the news gap by reporting from ground zero.  This month Yahoo and various publications such as Forbes announced their citizen journalist projects.  In fact, the December issue of Forbes is reported to be compiled of crowdsourced content from citizen journalists.  Good for you Forbes, just notched up a couple more on my respect meter.
This got me to thinking about Skwikee, my social reality game.  In the name of social experimentation, I believe it’s really all about what’s relevant and top of the mind with people.  Truth be told, we really do not have time to process much more than that.  Just needs to be easy and connecting today’s news to one’s entertainment value,  not a giant leap for most.
So, I think I’m going to coach Skwikee producers to grab onto the concept of thinking more like citizen journalists.  Why?  Because entertainment and news have one thing in common:  The Story.     Yep.  Gonna see if these Angelinos will frame it that way, make the gaming element match what’s going on in the media, build that element into the game.  As for the advertisers, not a far stretch for them to tie their message in there too; after all they’ve been doing it with print, TV and radio for years.  This should be interesting.
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