KISS Principle: "Keep It Simple and Sexy"

Working like a mad woman on the new Skwikee gaming interface.  So many ways to build a website, tools to add, buttons to push, every effing widget one could ever imagine.  I decided to take a step back and look at the three heroes of the web:  Google, Facebook and Twitter.  See what they did to become rock stars.   Follow me here, I’m about to be brilliant.
Was it the first search engine?  No.  When you type in what comes up?  A million ads?  Bunch of user tools that scream, “Look at what hard working bitches we’ve been!” No.  In fact, Google does such a good job at keeping it simple, you don’t even see the calender and gmail options till AFTER you’ve been presented by…ready for it:  a simple search box.  Think Google could have a few more tools on this page?  I mean they only own Blogger, YouTube, need I go on?  Nope.  It’s all about the search and that my friends, is why they are King, getting something like 200+ million searches per day.  Simplicity is what makes them hot, knowing how to keep their King status is what makes them sexy. 
Now, I’m all about hot nerds (even married one), but knowing how to build a social media site is not what made Mark Zuckerburg, THE Man.  Think about the grip MySpace had years before Facebook became the bomb.  By the way, Mark is founder of Facebook in case you’ve been living in a coconut.  My point is MySpace gobbed up the entire user interface with a million options and Facebook made the news feed the front and center star.  Why is it the star?  Ummm, cuz it’s your friends yapping (silly).  Who doesn’t want to be in the know within their peep network? Yep.  All the other applications adorned the sides of the page but the Facebook news feed was and still is the prime focus.  Now that’s art and it’s hot.
I hope you’re seeing where I’m going by now.  If not, then maybe you should go back to that island and your coconut hut.  It’s all about keeping it simple and that’s what is soooo freaking sexy.  And I don’t mean that in a unflattering, dirty way (perve).  I mean “sexy” as what the true meaning of word:  Appeal.  Twitter is all about a simple news stream.  Kinda like the power of the little black dress.  And just like the little black dress, gob up with a bunch of unnecessary accessories and hype, you just became a bar fly.  Twitter even forces us to have a little self control, cuts your ass off at 140 characters.  Ever hear of people losing their mystery by talking too much?  Nope. Twitter makes you keep it short – simple and that…is uber sexy.

And now, I’ll need to reward my genius with a cocktail.  All this sexy talk makes me think a cosmo’s in order.  Hope this helps any of you trying to build out there.  If not, well here’s the pictorial version (not that sexy but still informative).  Thoughts?

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