>Q: Where’s social media going for advertisers? A: Social Reality Gaming

>Working on Skwikee, my social reality game, designed to enhance product integration into a reality based gaming platform.  What can I say?  At the end of the day, I’m a marketing chick.  So, I’m starting with what I know: Women.  I’m also starting close to home: LA.  

So to sum up my research so far:

  • We love to play and don’t mind brands creeping into our game time.
  • We love gifting virtual goods, willing to spend real money on it.
  • Don’t call us Gamers, we’re not.
  • We love to share our greatness with friends.
  • We’re educated and have money…lots of money.
  • At the end of the day, we want to still believe in the fairytale. 
  • Sometimes, we just need a break from the crazy, so we play social games.
  • We like the little cartoon icons in social games, but we LOVE reality TV more. 

So here’s a peek at the prototype of how I think advertisers will need to model their next social media move:  Skwikee

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