Can the Skwikee gaming platform be used for other industries/locations?

In response to flurry of emails from last two days, the answer is:  Yes.  It is a platform that allows an organization to turn their marketing/educational/training “video” based message into an interactive game.  The technology behind it is called ANGELO and it ties directly into most social media sites that allow API access.

We are premiering the technology as a fun, LA Lifestyle social game made up of crowdsourced content called Skwikee.  However, after further discussions between myself and the programmers, we’ve come to the conclusion that it can easily be used as an interactive vehicle for delivering a message to a target audience.  The gaming elements are customizable and managed by the client, so even the game can change as often as needed.  Here is how we envision using the ANGELO technology within other arenas:

It was designed to be a communication piece for advertisers to give crowdsourcing creative license for their advertising messages; however, the authorization process is managed by the Advertiser.  In other words, the social community can read the project description, create their video interpretation of the message, upload it and add all the gaming elements, but the Advertiser can control when/if it goes live.

Internal Communications:

Because it keeps score of the player’s activities, it can be used internally to test employee knowledge as a fun and interactive experience, designed by the employer. 

Most of the functionality is non-industry specific; however, some custom work may need to be tailored to fit specific objectives.    We’re very excited about the launching of Skwikee in January of 2011 and are working hard towards that objective.  However,  if you have further questions please contact me at  and I will make sure someone from the ANGELO production team gets back to you as soon as they can.  Thank you for all your inquires about ways to use this new technology.  We’re super stoked to see so many people grabbing hold of this new social media concept.   As always, please feel free to comment – Peace

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1 Response to Can the Skwikee gaming platform be used for other industries/locations?

  1. James Keil says:

    Wow. This sounds incredible. Nice to hear Angelo is the magic behind the video platform. I'm sure it will be seamless.- I anticipate the release.

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