Richie Sambora’s White Trash Beautiful Line Missed the Mark at LA Fashion Week

It’s safe to say there’s always something going on in this city, still buzzing from the flurry of celeb attendance for LA’s Fashion Week. I follow the vibe to an extent, but this time, I was especially interested in the new White Trash Beautiful collection, co-created by Bon Jovi’s guitarist Richie Sambora.

A loyal fan of Richie and the boys I am, but this one had me stumped. Total disconnect. First, Richie’s 13 year old daughter Ava was the model featured over and over by the press. Adorable yes but still VERY thirteen. Strategic?  Maybe.  I have a hard time seeing mothers going for it.

Granted, the website is still not up, so commenting on the line’s demographic based on what I’ve seen so far may not be all-in-all fair. However, after some light research, it was not hard to find Richie and designer Nikki Lund (other half of the designing duo), chatting all about it on Vogue, Extra TV, etc. Nice job talking up the line guys…but still a disconnect for me (your 30ish year old customer) guys. And, I’m thinking I’m not going to be the only one lost on this one. Here’s why:

Both Richie and Nikki talked about the “kind of woman” they envision wearing the line. Their intended age demographic is anywhere from 21-40ish sassy woman (Angelina, Megan Fox, etc.). From what I can tell, the clothing line screams “the trashy little side of sexy.” All to perfect for this age group, but having the media brand the line on 13 year old girl right out the door, I think will hurt his initial success.

Not one to criticize without offering up a suggestion or two, I’d be interested to see what would happen if Richie opened the line up to a little social media experimentation. The fashion industry is one of the last to get on board with the whole social media movement. I totally understand why, but it will not exempt from it nonetheless. Social media will disturb the fashion industry as it has every other industry, just a matter of time. The question is who’s going to be the first brave soul to truly meet it head on? I can’t think of a better candidate than a bitchin guitarist with a bad boy reputation. Done right, Richie could not only realize an amazing new relevance and following by the 25-35 year olds, he could very well become a pillar legend in the industry. It’s all about knowing how to build the underground social media buzz baby 😉

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