5 Crazy-Simple Steps to Conquering Social Networking

It’s AMAZING to me how many professionals, in marketing positions and C-Level management are still trying to figure it all out.  Amazing.  I mean literally, I’m having the same level of clueless conversation with the heads of Fortune 500 companies down to my car insurance agent.  Not bashing, just want to point out, that it’s not unusual for members of the business community to still be in a fog about this stuff.

The secret is that there is no secret. It’s a relationship folks. Sure, there’s a million tools and tricks to learning how to optimize your Facebook and Twitter accounts, but here’s a GIANT revelation:  Just because you have a million friends or followers, does not mean you’re going to know how to make money from it!  So stop with the friending fever and relax.  This stuff is cake.

5 Steps to Rocking at Social Networking:

  1. Pick up two magazines that pictorially represent your clients or future clients (you know who they are). Cut out those pictures, but first buy the magazine ;-).
  2. Tape it to your computer screen (don’t worry it won’t stay there).
  3. Now, open up your Twitter, Facebook, blogs, whatever and begin to speak to those people you taped up. Yes, communicate just like they were there sitting in your office; don’t worry no one is looking. Ask them questions, share some helpful information, tell them what kind of latte you had this morning. Just talk. 
  4. Next, pull out a yellow pad and write down three things each of those people would be interested in, personal/professional, doesn’t matter. You should now be looking at a list of key words or phrases, right?
  5. Type those into your search fields and see what comes up. I guarantee you’ll see thos potential clients talking about stuff, asking questions, etc. Get in there and spend the next 15 minutes responding to them as if you already know them personally. Ask to be their friend after wards and continue checking in on them by following their social pages.

You have now conquered the secret formula to success in social media. It’s nothing but a relationship. If you take the time to nurture it, even online, people will trust you and GIVE YOU THEIR MONEY. I say that jokingly, by it’s true. People want to do business with those they trust. Having a millions Facebook friends does NOTHING for you if you don’t have the personalized attention (or what feels like personalized attention) to give them.   Plus, taping a million people up on your monitor just looks messy 😉   Thoughts?

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