>ROI Metric for Online Video

>By now everyone in the marketing world knows if we’re not telling your clients about the power of online video, we need to find another job. I mean think about it, can we not get enough of the Old Spice guy?

Old Spice people!!! I haven’t thought about Old Spice since I was 10 and my father’s choice scent of that decade. When I started seeing this ad pop up virally, it not only caught my attention, it gave me brand new perspective on a brand that’s been “the old man” smell all these years (you know you’ve thought that too). Genius campaign. I can’t get enough of the Old Spice guy and might even be okay with my husband wearing it. Okay, maybe not…husband smelling like my father in the 80’s is creeping me out.

Coming back to ut-hummm, marketing. That ad generated over 2Million views this week (in 1 week). To date it’s up to something like 8Million views. Now we’re not talking about an ad that pops up in the middle of a TV show in front of a couple million viewers, we’re talking about an ad that is airing (for free) and getting passed along to 8M people (by choice). Powerful stuff.

So how does one monetize such undisciplined behavior? Well one little gem of a find is an online metric application created by visiblemeasures.com. You get tracking, social performance reporting and a list of other perks.

Would love to hear back from anyone who’s tried it.

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