Does your corporate site offer social significance?

The public display of affection is not something we all appreciate. It is however, the “public display of connection” that drives us to our social network sites. Yep. Simple concept. We’re all a little guilty of it. We collect friends, rack up points on Farmville and display our status lines for the purpose of having a little bit more significance…maybe even some bragging rights. Guilty.

I live in a town that’s all about social status. Everywhere you look, someone is trying to prove some sort of something to the world. As I’m sitting outside the Sprinkles cup cake shop in Beverly Hills borrowing the Internet connection from the restaurant across the street, it all makes sense. Wa? Don’t judge, I dropped like fifty bucks for lunch with a friend there about 2 hrs. ago…I can come back and borrow a little bandwidth. And yes, I did buy a cupcake and even a coffee, so my taking up the Sprinkles table across the street is totally legit…

Now that I’ve justified my actions, my point. I’m in awe of the giant line of people that never seems to end, sitting and waiting to buy cupcakes here. Are they special cupcakes? Nope. Just regular cupcakes with frosting. However, the fact that celebs supposedly buy cupcakes here, that’s something. I bet nine out of every ten people in line are here just because they want to be able to tell their friends “I had a Sprinkles cupcake.” Again, public display of connectivity is the driving force. It’s the evidence factor.

When marketing online people want evidence that others like you. Do you show evidence that your visitors’ opinions matter? Do you even ask for their opinion? It’s not about how many friends you have on your company’s social network pages…it’s about how you feature, celebrate and glorify those that take interest in your company. Games on your site add value too. If your visitors have fun reasons to come back, they will! Offer up points, tokens, etc. for their time interacting with your company online. Any good webmaster can source free game scripts you can incorporate into your site. Here’s a good starting point for free games you can play with:


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