>Scared of employees blogging? 4 Steps to doing it right:

>It’s no secret employees are sharing the “behind the scenes” with the world. Whether they’re doing it in secret or as a company approved effort, the corporate world is generally a bit unnerved by the whole idea. Some are still in denial about the implications of avoiding it and the topic is dismissed altogether. Well avoiding something does not mean it’s going to go away and the longer it’s avoided, the harder it will be to overcome later.

I say nip fast and nip it now. A super successful 4 step formula:

1. Assess your people – If your employees have not taken personality assessments such as DISC, Myers Briggs, etc. then they’re probably not as cohesively connected to your company as they could be. Assessing them will give you clear understanding as to why they do what the do and how you can help them do it even better.

2. Categorize – Once you’ve assessed the group, separate them into categories. An example would be to put analyticals into one category, social butterflies into another.

3. Compartmentalize Your Website – Your web team should be able to help you “direct” traffic into the areas you desire. Staying with our example, offer entry points for the feel good reader (social butterflies) and other entry points for the hard facts reader (analyticals). The common mistake made by many companies is to clump up ALL the company’s social correspondence into one area of the website. That’s like jumping on a city bus and asking every stranger to bond before the next stop. Not likely to happen. However, what if you had a bus for “chatty” people and another bus for “hard facts only “ people. Better chance of them getting along and bonding? Probably so.

4. Encourage Interaction – It’s not just a Web 2.0 world out there, it’s Business 2.0 world. That means if your internal operations (i.e. Employees) are not involved in your external outreach message, you’re not truly connecting with the consumer as well as you could be. Encourage employees to blog based on their strengths (now easy to figure out based on your nifty new assessments) and get them involved in connecting with your customer.

Bottom line is that if you’re a successful business today, customers and employees are going to talk about you. Some will do it out in the open, others behind disguises and fake handles. Why not take every measure to have them do it constructively and with a little bit more quality control?

Please share your thoughts!

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