>Two Free & HOT! Press Opportunities for the Perfect Millennial Boomer!


Looking for someone to feature in our Financial Makeover column – Money Magazine
Contact: Holly Gilbert 


Deadline: 05:00 PM EST – 23 June

Do you need financial help or advice? Money Magazine is looking
for someone to feature in its monthly Financial Makeover column.
You would need to reveal financial details like assets and
income, but will receive free targeted advice from a financial
planner. Ideal candidates are couples with a combined income of
$100,000+ per year. All those interested should send an email to
holly_gilbert@moneymail.com with the following: 1) Name 2)
Age 3) Occupation 4) Location 5) A brief paragraph describing
where you are financially, as well as any goals or challenges you
have encountered 6) A snapshot of you/you and your spouse

How to land a job – Forbes Magazine Online
Contact: Seth Cline

Email: SCline@forbes.com

Deadline: 04:00 PM EST – 21 June

I’m working on a Careers story for Forbes.com. I’d like to give
readers job hunting tips based on real world advice from people
who have recently landed jobs. To that end, I’d like to speak
with people who have landed jobs within the past six months. They
can work in any field, in any part of the country. If you or
someone you know fits that criteria, please email me at
SCline@forbes.com by 4:00 EST today. Many thanks.

Good luck guys and don’t forget to re-tweet and comment!
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