>Realtor Social Networking – Sandbox or kitty litter?


You know sometimes, it’s all about the obvious…other times not so much. This morning I’m dinking around my Facebook, just checking out what the peeps are up to this fine Sunday and came across a Realtor to Realtor post on a friend’s page:

Realtor I:
“Realtors: Want a true split? As in NO desk fees, NO “co-op” fees, NO transaction fees, NO E&O fees, NO breathing our air fees?….just a straight fair and HIGH split??? Message me and let’s set up a time to interview each other. We just might be the new home for you!”

Realtor II:
“I wish you the best of luck on recruiting…I LOVE (competing company’s name). They just reduced their office bills to 25 bucks a moth. It’s WONDERFUL.”
Now I’ve been playing in the Realtor sandbox for quite awhile, 15 years or something close. I’ve had both residential and commercial licenses many moons ago, have marketed well over 300 Realtor’s businesses and know the code of conduct like anyone else. It’s pretty simple, you don’t poop where you eat folks. With the power of the Internet encroaching in on Realtor commissions, now more than ever Realtors need to uplift and support each other. Not to mention the need for them to show your listings!  Hello…it’s a buyers market out there…you need each other!!! Real world or social media – no matter.  It’s all the same Realtor sandbox.
Now, I have nothing but respect for these two gals, but I was so taken back by the lack of finesse the second one displayed, I just had to comment (all is fair in social media land):

“Wow, nothing like putting out a friendly little marketing message and having someone endorse your competition at a bargain rate! Whooo hoo! How about we take our bras off and swing them around our heads?!! You know i love ya (her name), nothing but respect for ya doll….but….REALLY?”
I mean really people, if we’re going to lack class, why not just let it all hang out and celebrate our new found freedom from the binds of oh…I donno…PROFESSIONALISM!!!!
It’s pretty simple…the Realtor sandbox is already compromised enough. Big kids (ie. Internet) come in and kick over sandcastles on a regular basis. Some know how to make friends with the big kids, others just poop in the sandbox.

Am I crazy here?  Comments please…

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