>Great reason to become a Millennial Boomer Grandparent!

>A reporter friend of mine in Nashville, Denae D’Arcy posted this question on FaceBook today: “Okay parents – what do you think about a new social networking site by Facebook for kids under 10? Doing a story on it today and I need YOUR thoughts. Togetherville.com”

Here is what I responded:

Generation Z is just naturally digital native community. For these kids, social media is not an optional form of communication or entertainment like it has been for many of us parents (http://www.cta.org/Professional-Development/Publications/Educator-Feb-10/Meet-Generation-Z.aspx). In a nutshell, for them, it will be a foundational form of communication. Just like in the corporate world where companies can no longer control the viral behavior of the consumer, parents are going to have a challenge controlling this generation’s online activity; simply because the internet, and the devices to it, are only becoming more accessible. I think like we do it in the corporate world, the key is to engage with the demographic early, so one can grow along side them and influence their decision making patterns later. I think, as a parent, it’s no longer an option to learn the latest technology, it’s a must. A site like togetherville.com is an invitation for parents to integrate themselves into their child’s world from the beginning. 
Rock on you Millennial Boomer Grandparents…you know whatch gatta do 😉
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